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Allysian Brain Solution

Our 3 part solution to brain optimization


    Everything you do starts with your mind. That's why Allysian Sciences™ has developed a line of premium products featuring Mastermind™.


    Achieve accelerated results through habit creation coaching. Our Advanced Awareness coaching modules start with a 28 Day MindMastery program.


    Our partnership with CogniFit™ provides you the best in brain training - accessible anywhere, anytime.

I started taking Allysian Mastermind™ about two weeks ago. I am 68 and had started forgetting things. Right away my mind started clearing up. It was like the haze was going away. As days went by, I started talking without the usually long thought process. The words just flowed with no blank spaces! I felt more confident every day.
Linda F., USA
Allysian Omega™ helped us maintain our joint sensitivities, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant which allowed us to be in our best form while we were in the process of training for Spartan Race 2019.
Mark L., Hong Kong
Having played football in the NFL, I’ve been pitched by many companies that wanted me to use their products. However, the Allysian Redefine Possible movement attracted me the most because of the involvement of Apolo Ohno and the management team that are behind it. Not only are they credible, but legitimate and trustworthy.

After using the products, I am sleeping better and waking up refreshed. I can push through in my workout when most people want to quit. I’m very impressed with the products.
Ryan L., USA
I lost 13 kg in three months with Allysian Fit­™. I am eating properly and working out regularly to maximize the effect. I now have the pleasure to meet the six-pack that I have never seen, even when playing rugby in my younger years. So, I would say, Allysian team, thank you! You’ve done it again!
Pablo C., Canada
I am 34 years old. I have been using antidepressant medications in the past 16 years. The medications have brought me serious side effects, making my memory decline rapidly and I couldn’t recall things from the previous day. I couldn’t even distinguish between reality and illusion. I started to be alert and stopped using them, but my body function could not restore my damaged memory to normal. Soon after I started taking Mastermind, my thoughts began to become clear. After a month of taking the product, my memory and responsiveness have returned to the same great level as in my school days. Now, my life is like a rebirth and my heart is full of joy. Thank you very much Allysian.
Jinglian, Taiwan
Since taking both Mastermind™ and Genesis™ my world has completely changed. In the months before beginning with the products I was getting increasingly worse physically and it had begun to affect my sleep. With just over two months of being on these products I feel much better and I sleep like a baby. Thank you Allysian!
Rose V., Canada
I have my teenagers on Allysian SmartKids™ and we have noticed a change in focus and energy in both. My youngest is speaking clearer and sang while he was helping me clean the house instead of complaining – their brains are happier! I am so excited to see how they feel in 30 days and beyond, if this first week is an indication, bring it on!!
Sharlene M., Australia
I was suffering from severe obesity and eczema, which led to low self-esteem and depression. I started taking Allysian Sciences products, Mastermind, Omega, Genesis, Symphony and Essentials Calm from October 2018. After a month, I noticed major changes in my body and mind. I was losing weight and getting fitter, but more importantly, I was feeling good about myself. As for my eczema, the redness, swelling and rashes subsided a great deal, improving my sleep quality. I did not take Allysian Science products to lose weight, nor was any of their product I took advertised in that manner. I wanted an optimal balance between my body and mind, getting myself to a place where I am physically and mentally happy. This, Allysian Sciences delivered.
Wanda W., Hong Kong
Allysian Genesis™ has been my saviour during times I am too busy to have a proper meal. One scoop of Genesis mixed into water gives me the energy to continue during the day without fatigue. My gut health and digestive system is better than ever. With Genesis, I know I am working towards a longer healthier life!
Dianah W., Canada
I have been drinking Allysian Rise coffee for three months. The product can increase brain neurons by 143%, which makes me feel that my memory is improving day by day. I can even recall my short-term memory one or two days ago. It feels great.
Grandma Hua, Taiwan